The Philosophy of Aesthetics – A Survey

These are some of the key points i picked up on from the text…

Plato – Book X of the Republic

1.the nature of imitation

*ideal state
*first-order imitations (the bed a carpenter makes)
*second-order imitations (the bed an artist paints)

A painter = an artificer

2. the detrimental effects of expressive arts

When art depicts emotions it concerns itself with the souul


Conceived art as imitation.
Four types of causes…
*The material cause
*The formal cause
*The efficient cause
*The final cause (purpose)

Six formal parts of every tragedy
*fable or plot


Neo-Platonism mixes plato and mystical elements.
“Beauty is not something physical but is the quality of the soul.”

That quote is so beautiful, sometimes i find it hard as a photographer to comprehend this in terms of art. I know beauty lies in the sould of people but in art it is hard to understand that each piece has a soul.

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