Evaluation of Digital Media

This module has definitely been a lot of work, I have learnt a lot of new skills and also found my past experience really helped me.

To start with I think I spent too much time on the photos, they naturally appealed to me more so I put off the blog and website, but once I got into them I think they have gone quite well.

The Blog

It is fair to say the blog was rocky at times, I have a natural love for my old blog (this one), and this might sound strange but I found it hard to dedicate my time to the new one. I had a lot of problems with different theme CSS’s and learnt quickly that everyone writes and presents their CSS in their own way and it takes a couple of hours to get used to. I am really happy with my blog now it fits my work more and I feel like I have control over everything, rather then wordpress controlling my design.

The Website

My website design has been pretty clear from the start, I planned it all and i am really glad i did, it takes so long to find the right coding and positioning I wouldn’t have had time to rearrange my website. I feel like the pages should go back to being ‘div id’ like it was before, because of browser compatibility, but I have no time to change it now. I had problems with galleries, wow slider was a life saver, it’s simple to use and gives you optional features. I have really enjoyed making an efficient professional website that i can proudly tell people about.

The Photos

As I said before the photos occupied too much of my time, and I think I stressed about them more then I should, but saying that I am really happy with the outcome, particularly digital rest because it’s a bit out of my comfort zone yet the photos look great. I did a lot of research for these images which is all going to be used for future projects.

All in all I have enjoyed this module, it’s been hard but the lectures have been really engaging and I went away every week feeling like I had learnt something new.

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