Day 16: East Winds Film Festival

As a member of CUEAFS I took part of our societies every growing film festival. It ran over 3 days in over which I work 7/8 hours.


On Friday I was front of house, letting guests in and greeting them. Some points were slow, especially during film screenings but it went well when it was busy, I worked from 8-10.30 on the door, It was great practice for talking to professionals and working as part of a team. All the girls from the society were dressed in Chinese dresses were hard to work in, but they got a good response from companies such as Nissan. I also did my own personal work during the opening drinks. I took some photos…

click here to see them on Flickr

This took up about 2 hours, I am really happy with the photos 🙂 I would have loved to have a tripod with me because the slow shutter pictures I took produced beautiful colours but they became blurry, this is a mistake I won’t make again.


On saturday I worked 4 hours on the DVD stand, it was my job to try and sell DVDs in between the film screenings, I found it quite hard considering I had only seen 2 of the whole table of DVDs, but this is only because I’m new to the society, I did manage to sell about 7 and met some interesting people who I had interesting debates with on East Asian Cinema.

©Andreea Dascălu

Other then these 2 shifts I did bits and bobs of helping out, i.e. carrying things, setting things up and taking them down.

The whole festival was amazing and made me realise how strong and passionate this society is, I really want to get involved more with it, I feel like it is helping me grow as a person and expanding my views in terms of cinema and Japanese culture.

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