Practice filming

It’s time to start filming, I got out a camera and started filming, but I filmed in the wrong file format which is annoying so have had to download a converter.

These are the original files, and i’m going to try slowing them down and playing around using Twixtor

First Attempt

This was my first idea, however i didn’t like the positioning. I want everything to me ordered and regimented, not at an askew angle.

Second Attempt

I found a much more fitting position which works a lot better.

There is a lot of background noise, and the ticking isn’t very loud so i played around with the levels on iMovie

and got this

It’s a lot more musky, and what i mean by that is it sounds claustrophobic, like the kind of clock you would find in an on mansion.

I then thought about speed, what would this sound like slowed down? for my final I had no intention of using slowed down sound but i mustn’t rule it out without trying.

Slow Mo

watching this slow motion video is making me realise how much the tick of a clock resembles the heart and how the speed changes our mood.

So how about being sped up?



These experiments have taught me some pretty interesting things, how speed of sound changes everything, especially when it resembles a heart beat; slow steady beats resemble a normal beating heart, fast beats create the sense of adrenaline or action, and abnormaly slow beats resemble dying/something which effects us, like when you fall over everything seems to go to slow motion.

Also the camera apears like a still image because it doesnt have a second hand, this was a problem before i started shooting but now I can see the relationship between an unusually fast/slow sound and a still object, it put the viewer in an uncomfortable position.

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