Ringing Alarm Clock

So I just briefly explored the sound of the clock as it ticks, but now I want to look at the visuals and sound of the clock when it is ringing.

This is my original footage

I want to do what I did before and just play around with the clip

Sound manipulation

I can change the sound so much it goes high pitched

Or so it becomes quite gritty

but what about visuals?

Slow Mo on iMovie



As you can see the video is starting to lag already. I think it’s time to play with it in twixtor.

Twixtor 20% Slow Mo

I went through the process I learnt about last time i tried twixtor. The sound didn’t before slow motion though so I just cut it out as i felt it distracted. After all this section is just about the visuals.

obviously this isn’t as HD as i would like, and it isn’t as smooth as i hoped, so I need to use stronger lighting, for some reason i think this will make it smoother, this way i can use a low iso and a more frames per second. Also I have loosened the alarm clocks bells, because they weren’t moving as much as I hoped.

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