Stop motion testing

In my original story board I had a video of a clock over a long period of time which had been sped up. I was thinking about it and I thought why not use stop motion? It would make for a diverse video that uses more then just video. I made a practice video.

I took a photo every minute of my clock for an hour, It was hard work to get timings right and I couldn’t leave my room until it was finished but I didn’t want to fake it because the lighting changes so much and it emphasises the time moving, I shot these images at around 5.30-6.30 just as the sun started to go down, i also had my bedroom lights on though so you can see the change from quite a white light to and orange one.

Stop motion 1 pic per o.2 seconds

Stop motion 1 pic per 0.1 seconds

I do think however every minute isn’t enough, for the real clip for my final maybe every 10 seconds would look nice? more complex and the light would change less dramatically.

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