Video so far and progress for tomorrow

The videos went quite well today, I particuarly like the stop motion, and the slow motion needs some work.

I discussed before wether I wanted a normal homely look or a clinical futuristic look, this is what i will explore tomorrow, I will reshoot the clock scenes with heavy bleached out lighting in a clinical surrounding.
I also want to think about background, I thought that I wanted it quite simple but I had an idea, if the clocks the main focus whilst everything else is blurred out it may be quite nice to have the window in the background, because the passers by and light will represent time too.
But this could turn out to be horrible so I will just have to see.

I want to also test some of the eye shots tomorrow, in a homely atmosphere and a clinical one too.

And find out if I can get a macro lens for the camera.


*Find a macro lens for canon NEX-VG10
*Book out lights
*Arrange lights to create a clinical lighting situation
*shoot clock ticking
*shoot clock ringing
*stop motion for 1 hour
*shoot eye blinking in clinical atmosphere
*shoot eye blinking in homely atmosphere

After all this is done I should be able to create a final story board, complete with colours, and then once this is done I can consider sounds, and how they compliment/oppose the lighting.

for the rest of tonight I want to continue research, into lighting and stop motion, it may inspire me for tomorrow.

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