Experimenting with the eye shots

I’ve explored the representation of the clock quite a lot, but have not yet approached the eye.

I have had loads of troubles getting the eye in focus, because I want to use my own eye because it’s bright blue and in some lights you can see my cataracts which look like diamonds, however I want a really deep depth of field so that the focus will just be on the iris, this is really hard to do on myself.

So the first thing I did was to film my boyfriends eye, just to get the focus right.

you can see it’ still not 100% but it’s okay as a tester shot. Now I sat in his place and filmed my eye.

you can see how easy it is for the eye to go out of focus, one slight movement and its blurry. After this I thought I would use the flash gun like i did in the previous experiments to see how it effected my eye, I wasn’t really interested in colour because I have already decided it’s not my desired effect, I was more concerned with the way my iris and pupil responded to the light. It is hard to see in this video but at times you can see my eye changing shape.


This is as close as my video camera could go without become blurry, and it’s no where ner close enough, I want my iris and the clock to occupy the same screen space, I looked into using a macro lens but there are non available to me for this camer, this is a major irritation, currently i’m trying to think of ways to get round it, I could use stop motion to do it because I have a macro lens for nikon, but I don’t want to use stop motion for this part, this is meant to be the constant smooth eye blink. I wonder if any of the nikons have video.

Nikon D300…

I found this site which tells you how to record on a Nikon D300…

This look too complicated for me, I’m not sure what half of this means to be honest. But it does make nice videos…
(example video given on site)

 Canon 5DII…

Yaya the canon 5D mark II shoots video and good quality at that

But… I don’t have a canon macro lens I have a nikon one 😦

😦 i’m not sure this is going to work. I want to have another attempt at a closer range with the Sony Nex-VG10 and if this doesn’t work I will have to try the stop motion/the extremely complicated video directions.

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