The AV festival: from here to eternity

Slow-Motion Car Crash by Jonathan Schipper

Sadly I cannot make it to this exhibition, as it’s too far, but it’s really relevant to my project and exploring the idea of time.

The Car is being pushed into a wallpapered wall at ultra slow speeds. It moes at 7mm per hour and will take all of march to complete the crash.

I talked about how when I watch my clock footage slowed down it reminds me of a dramatic moment in life where something bad happens and time appears to slow down. This is what this piece explores as well.

There are other interesting pieces of work in this exhibition which you can read about here. But Schippers interest me the most.

This is a similar piece by him in which 2 american cars crash over a period of 7 days. it is shown through stop motion and depicts the time of the crash really well using light and shadow.

His work really makes you think about time and motion.

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