I want to film my video in real time. Which means I can’t start until tomorrow. But I feel confident that I will get it right first time, I have practiced so much.

This is my time frame…

opening scene starts at 09:12
stop motion forwards starts at 09:13 (every minute until 18:00)
slow motion starts at 18:00
stop motion in reverse starts at 18:00 ( every minute until 09:12)
Opening scene repeat

So i need to go to the loan shop at 8.30 to book out the video camera and macro lens and reflector.

Then record the opening scene at 09:12

Then the stop motion every minute from 09:13 – 18:00 =7hours 47 = 467 photos. @0.1 per photo =46 second actually this is too long. Maybe if i did every 5 minute that would equal 9.34 seconds which is a lot better. 🙂

At 18:00 i need to change over from still to video to shoot the slow motion if i am doing it at 25% and i want it to last 10 seconds i need to get 2.5 seconds of footage.

I also need to take a still when this is finished so the reverse stop motions runs smoothly.

and the eye scene as well which i need to film during good light.

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