more iris photos

I need some insperation for my iris photos, Mine just arent working. I think one way i can get round this is photographing someone elses eyes, this will give me control over the focus and settings. Also when I thought of the idea I thought it was about colour but it’s about texture and depth.

Here are some images to inspire me for tomorrow.

Plus colour can be changed digitally.

This photo is beautiful, I don’t have the equipment to ever make anything like this but it is stunning.

Deffinately inspired! The eye is such a beautiful thing with so much texture. I’m determined to make a beautiful eye video. And to do this I will have to use someone else eyes so i have control over the lens.

One thought on “more iris photos

  1. these are beautiful, especially the one with the clock within the eye. I can see why you’re inspired! They have definately given me some ideas for a digital montage i have to do x

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