Scene 1

Right so I’ve done a lot of developing and practising now its time to start filming possible final clips. I will do it scene by scene from my storyboard.

Scene 1

Looking at the text a lot has changed, I am not going to use any lighting, just the natural light, because I learnt from my stop motion it shows time more effectively.

another thing i didnt think about it the time the clock shows, I have to think about this logically according to the my use of manipulating time.

Say if i started at 06:15 (06:00 = early morning but looks to forced)
The alarm goes off at 06:20?
But then when it turns backwards it would be going through the night, I want it to be going through the day.

start at 7:04pm
alarm goes off  at 7:05
starts going backwards at 7:06

But I want the start and end clip to be the same so more time needs to pass between those clips, 24 hours or so, at least 12 hours.

Maybe I need to add another scene after the first eye shot. do a stop motion which goes forward, then cut to the eye again then slowmotion then the eye and the stop motion but backwards.

which will add a bit more structure and repetitive aspects.

so times on clocks…

opening scene starts at 09:12
stop motion forwards starts at 09:13 (every minute until 18:00)
slow motion starts at 18:00
stop motion in reverse starts at 18:00 ( every minute until 09:12)
Opening scene repeat

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