The eye, videos

One problem I’m still having is with focus on the eye.

I want to practise more. These arent all the videos because many of them end up being the same, but a few of the 13 videos I took.

I want a deep depth of field so just the eyeball is in focus, so i set my aperture to F5 and shutter to 50/1

I’m still having problems with the glare but there isn’t much I can do about that until I get into the studio, hopefully tomorrow but the person who books it out hasn’t replied to any of my 3 messages I have sent her in the last week. If not i might be able to get a reflector to act as a diffuser for the window.

I came up with this idea to help me focus on my own eye, which you can see in this video.

I tried it again but in a place with more light…

It’s really hard to see the focus and composition when you are infront of the camera, especially when the lens is zoomed in. So i placed the camera infront of a mirror so that i could see the reflection of the LCD screen, this helped a lot but as you can see it’s really hard to stay still. When the F stop is that low a slight movement can make the whole frame out of focus.

I tried to concur this by making the F stop 15 which meant I had to compromise the shutter speed, which made the whole video a lot less smooth, but the focus is slightly better.


This is probably the best blink I got from all 13 videos…

It goes so quickly it is hard to see.

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