Shooting Day

Today is the day I shoot my finals piece, I wanted to do it all in one day in real time so that the natural light would change accordingly with the time moving.

So far I have shot the opening scene, it was simple enough, just the clock ticking normally. I slightly over exposed it to give it that 9am feeling. I am a bit gutted with the weather today, it is overcast and cloudy however the weather man tells me it will be sunny from around 12, which if it is true will look beautiful in my stop motion as the light changes.

I have taken all the sound away because I want to record it separately to insure the sound is isolated/not quite right. And I have added the effect i discovered yesterday to give it a voyeuristic feel.

I have also cut it down to around 10 seconds, but have left a few second on the end so that I can cut it where necessary once the next frame is in. The plan is that as soon as the clock ticks to 09:15 to smoothly slide into the stop motion.

I have uploaded this in HD so fingers crossed it will look good.

Now it is time to shoot the eye scene and do 9 hours of stop motion.

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