stop motion & putting my final piece together

so after taking a photo every 5 minutes for 9 hours I have finally finished my stop motion. It looks pretty good but one thing i didnt count on was it getting so dark at 6pm. My plan was to stop motion till 6 then do slow motion alarm clock in the same light, this proved impossible because the 6pm light was pitch black.

So this is my video with the stop motion in…

(ignore the poor quality)

I’ve been thinking about how to get round this dark problem, and then i started to think… what if the film started in black with the clock ticking, then cut to a blink, and back to the blackness and then too the stop motion going in reverse? then the stop motion would stop in the decent daylight where it would then cut to the eye shot then the slow motion clock, then the eye shot and then the stop motion running forwards leading the screen into darkness. I think this will work a lot better, it wasn’t my original intent but we have to work with these things.

I’m going to need a new storyboard I think…

I’ve tried the new layout, and had to make some new changes, I will have to re-record the alarm clock scene because I now want it to take place at a different time, and I had to cut the stop motion from 9:15-18:00 to 12:00-18:00 its a bit annoying I have had to scrap 3 hours of work but the sequence was nearly one minute without the slow motion scene.

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