The Eye Scene…

This scene is the most important, it’s the glue that keeps my video together.

I’ve had problems with reflections and focus and I tried to book out the studio to avoid these problems, but the woman who books it out never got back to me, in a way I don’t mind, I didn’t want my video to look too clinical so having a slight focus change and reflection could add to the atmosphere.

This was my first attempt, which is slightly over exposed but a lot better then my previous attempts.

I do quite like the over exposed look, it suggests some sort of haven or burst of holy light.

I wanted to try and effect, just like I have on my clock series, but I know I don’t want the same one because the black border gives a sense of looking through the eye, and this shot is the eye, so it doesnt make sense. So i tried some new ones.


I LOVE this effect, it’s like a simple rotoscope, I really want to incorporate it but I’m not sure if this is the right scene, thats something I will have to decided when all my clips are filmed and side by side.

The way i filmed really helped me with focus, I had a reflector covering the window to soften the light, the camera raised up by a tshirt and a mirror behind the camera so i could see the LCD screen.

This next clip is not overexposed, and I think aims for the right kind of look. I have added the effect Hard Light onto it as it emphasises the colours, and adds skin colour undertones to the bleached out areas which links in well with the brownness of the clock shots.

(this has taken me about 20 mins to upload because of a 108 error in iMovie, i fixed it by turning my laptop on and off to free up RAM)

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