Final Piece

This is my Experimental Narratives 2012 final piece…

The intent of this video is to evoke a sense of the surreal and create an intense feeling through the use of imagery and sound.
The concept concerns futurism beliefs that the human body would benefit from technological augmentation, in this case I have looked at how the camera can manipulate time in way our eyes cannot.

3 thoughts on “Final Piece

  1. This is fantastic, the edit is really tight and David didn’t even know that you had any stop motion in it because the clock ran so smoothly! Well done 😀

  2. Ware Jarrett Daisy 76%
    Daisy has worked well in the module and spent a lot of time in the early weeks researching her approach and referencing her influences. She took a good deal of notice of the work that was being shown and discussed in the sessions and this did impact on her approach and decisions made for her own practical piece.

    She at times got a bit bogged down in the research aspect of the task and might have benefitted by doing practical experiments a little earlier on so that she could explore a more diverse range of approaches. These practical experiments would possibly have allowed her more freedom in choosing different approaches that were more outside of her own immediate likes and influences.

    Despite the above Daisy has worked hard to achieve an interesting result that has strong visual impact. Well done.

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