Problems with sound

I have reached a problem with the sound I made in garage band, it will need let me speed up or slow down the track.

I’m not sure why but the only way I can get around it is go back to my origina track.

so I put my original track in again and changed all the settings, but when i listen to it in my headphones it is just contsant background noise. I have tried so many time to get rid of this but it wont go. So I am going to look online and see if i can find a tick clocking noise that i can use, because i dont have the equipment or space to make a sound track with no noise.

none of these are any good…

why is it so hard to find a decent clock ticking noise?

I had a look in iMovie and found 2 sound effects that could quite useful

however when i put them in I found the same problem as last time, I couldn’t change the speed of the track. i think I will have to just stick to my home made sound effects and do the best I can with them.

To make the ticking continuous I have overlapped the tracks, but for some reason this makes a loud thud at every changeover, i have tried changing the fade in length to avoid this but it keeps on coming up.

I think my only way to get around this is to produce one continuous soundtrack which will cover the whole 1 minute, but it needs to be longer than 1 minute because I will be speeding it up in places.

I found this tutorial which tells you how to get a clip from imovie to garage band, yay 🙂 that means i can use my own clip and have more settings then imovie would let me, which would hopefully reduce noise.

after I had done this i needed to find out how to reduce noise in garage band

but the option to expand the window did not exist, then I found this….

perfect, i could make the moment between each tick silent, but there was no SHOW CLIP VOLUME LEVELS option 😦

this shouldn’t be this hard.

I’ve had a bit more of a play around on iMovie and i think it’s better now. I’ve got everything in place and added some sounds and I think my final piece is finished.

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