Tidying up sound

iMovie offers a small sound mixing option but it doesn’t offer enough to reduce noise. I was looking through my apps and found garage band, I have never used it before but have heard good stuff about it. lets give it a go…

So i used garage band to record the clock ticking noise, I’ve tried but can’t get my head round the interface so i just imported this to iMovie, I found some great settings in imovie…

(I’ve only chosen the first few scenes to look at because this is where i need to evoke feelings)


This adds quite a surreal atmosphere, but it sounds less like a clock ticking and more like someone walking in high heels.


The muffled seems to work quite well, I think i need to make the sound deeper though as it sounds too high in both videos.

Short Wave Radio

 Out of the three I think sort wave radio is the best, apart from the odd noise now and again I can cut out.

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