I must admit that it took me a while to get into this project, i spent the first 3 weeks trying to emerse myself into video, because it’s not my comfort zone, but then thats the reason i cose this module, to challenge and push myself.

It’s fair to say my idea didn’t come easily, I spent weeks researching futurism and videos to try and inspire me, it was one of those moments where no matter what you watch it didn’t help. I eventually decided that I wanted to focus on time and manipulation of time, eith influence from the futurism beliefs, i realised it fitted hand in hand with video because futurists were very concerned with how technology can be used to enhance our bodies, in my eyes the camera is a continuation of my body, it stops time and manipulates it so that i can see it again and again. From this I explored slow motion videos and I was sure this was going to be my focus point.

The clock idea came from just laying in bead and hearing it tick, I thought to myself how relevant it would be to use an alarm clock when representing time.

Eventually one video did help, it was a video from lectures we had on surrealism.

The iconic use of the eye which appeared in a lot of videos we watched was the final thing that made my video come together.

Filming proved to be harder then i thought, but i was really grateful I had made a storyboard because it made life so much easier. My main problem was I had to do camera change overs and change settings really quickly because I wanted to film in real time. It took a whole day to film everything, from 9:15 am to 6pm the hardest part of this was definitely the stop motion, having to be near my camera so i could take a photo every 5 minutes, and the inconsistency made when people accidentally moved the tripod.

As you can see from my research i had loads of problems with filming the pupil too, but eventually got round it and am and really happy with that scene. In regard to the music, in hind sight I feel like i was trying to perfect it too much, so what if it has the odd bang or isn’t 100% lined up, watching it now I wouldn’t have it any other way because it all adds the mysterious odd fact. I would deffinately say the hardest part of this project was making sure i evoked a feeling without using narrative, usually i would rely on a character to convey emotions, but I knew from the start to avoid slipping into narratives it’s best not to have a character.

All in all I am pleased with my final piece, i feel like it needs more but I don’t know what that more is yet, maybe more time to develop, or more sounds but as my final piece for this project I am really happy with it and the module itself.

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