Day 17: #photography branding

I posted before that me and Genea Bailey are going to start up and online photography magazine. We had the idea whilst working on the WUNDERKAMMER project with Elly Clarke, and have finally decided to make it a reality. We already have a name which is #photography. Today is our official start date and this is what we have to do before creating our magazine.

  • logo
  • set up twitter
  • research web hosting
  • make colour scheme
  • look into magazine style websites

first thing first…


we have looked at many fonts, too many to put here, and have finally decided on, these fonts and these colours.

we are both really pleased with this logo, it makes everything seem so real and professional.

next is twitter…

It was pretty easy to register, we just made a hotmail account as a temporary email. These are some of the colour schemes we thought about

In the end we s=chose the white background, we know when the front cover is made we want that as the background image. But for now it will do 🙂 I changed the font colours to match our logo and have written a brief description which deceptively took us about an hour to write.

you can now follow #photography on twitter and see the build up to the first magazine.

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