Day 18: #Photography promotions and research

For the last 3/4 weeks #photography has been all I am doing, me and Genea are taking this project 100% seriously and professionally. On our last count we had over 60 artists work sent to us that we liked, my guess is that this is probably a 5th of the work that has been sent to us. #Photography has really taken off in the last few weeks. The promotions have been bits and bobs here and there so is hard to say how much I have done, it would be well over a day though, but I will count it all as one day because there is only so much you can dow without repeating yourself.

We divided up the promotions like this, Genea takes charge of the Facebook page and I head up the Twitter. Admittedly twitter has been slower then Facebook at getting followers, this is because Facebook has hundreds of photography groups which allow you access to thousands of people at one time whereas twitter is more 1 on 1 based.

I promote all day every day on average 10 tweets per day in which i get 5/6 responses/application to.

I also made some posters of mine and genea’s work which we wil be printing and sticking up in our area.


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