Day 19: Press release & Building #photography website

Press Release

#photography has recently had a few people requesting to see a press release, as we didn’t have one me and Genea took it upon ourselves to write one, neither of us had ever written or seen one before so the internet came in handy in terms of research. After hours of writing and re-writting we finally came out with a decent press release which we are now sending to various forums and magazines….

We also had help from Genea’s mum who works in the publishing industry, her help has taught me that you should use peoples skills to help even if they are not part of the company, life experience and contacts can really help you improve your company.

Anime league, the company which I cosplay photographed for were really interested in publishing our press release. As I wrote in my posts about the London Anime Con experience using #photography to professionalise ourselves would certainly bring in more customers and help out us aswel. For this reason Anime League want to re write the press release with an anime/gaming slant and send it to their publisher contacts in the anime community. For example they will write how 2 students have started up a photography magazine and their first debut together with the company will be at London Anime Con 5 in June, this shows how work experience can be so important, the people you meet are always interested in working more with you and helping you grow, the exposure that Anime League can give us will be great for the magazine and also give us more confidence at the next London Anime Con which we will be photographing at.

The Website

The publishing date is ever approaching, me and Genea decided it would be a good idea to get the website up and running, one of the main reasons for this was so we could link people to the press release we had written.

We didn’t want much to start with, just a coming soon page and a press release page. So I sat down for 6 hours and played, the design is basic, and probably not how it will be in the future, but it is a start, helping us establish ourselves as a serious business. is now up and running

index page…

press release page…

I was able to create the site in one day because of the module in website building I have just taken. I used some of the html from my site which sped things up a bit.

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