I made it my priority to work in a team throughout this experience because in my SWOT analysis my family said I prefer to work by myself and should learn to work with others.

I did work in a Team throughout most of this experience, even in the situations working as a single photographer you have to work as a team with your subject(s) in order to gain a high level photo. In terms of how I worked n a team, at some times i struggled, especially with #photography, me and Genea work so well together but it’s hard to organise what we are doing when we can only contact each other online. Another way I struggled was at the Nadav Kander shoot, sometimes I felt like I wasn’t doing as much work as the others and it might have frustrated them. I only realised this in hindsight, and feel like I could have got more involved. However working in a team has taught me that I produce better work when in a team then by myself, it’s always good to have different opinions and wants, compromise can produce better photos.

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