Learning Development

It is fair to say I have learnt a lot from this module. I think about myself in October and realise how much I have developed as a photographer and a person.

To start with my confidence has always been something I struggle with, but forcing myself into situations I wouldn’t necessarily want to be in has made me more confident. The main contributors to this is the Nadav Kander shoot, I wasn’t prepared for how much it would wake me up and realise I need to take control of my work. Nadav is a strong character yet remains humble. I guess my fear was becoming arrogant and intimidating, but seeing Nadav worked made me realise as long as you stay grounded and are happy in your career this will never happen. London anime con and the sea cadet shoot also helped with my confidence, it was all very well realising I had to start being more confident after the Nadav shoot, but these were two experiences that I had to put it into practice and I think I did. Thinking about this all it’s fair to say I gain the most from doing, and pushing myself out of my comfort zones. This isn’t to say I haven’t learnt anything from the other projects but the ones I gained the most from where when I was physically doing a shoot. I want to try and get on more official shoots because I see this as the fastest and best way to grow and Develop my learning.

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