My Creative Work: a reflection

Looking at my statement of intent I wrote at the beginning of this module, I feel as though I have not been as creative as I had wished.

I originally wanted to make a Cosplay series with the Universities Anime Society. However this did not work out. It’s a disappointment because that series was my main source of creativity. However the Anime Society not wanting to get involved did push me to contact Anime Conventions around the UK, which led me to London Anime Con. I got some freedom of creativity during this shoot, even though I was told  by the organisers a white backdrop was a must, when I had envisioned a dark one. Despite this I am still pleased with the photos and the development of this project in the future, once I am established and accepted in the cosplay world will give me more development over time.

My creativity has flourished in regards to #photoraphy, me and Genea have similar idea and expectations. I feel creative in the sense that I am no longer a consumer of information, I am the creator of it. I can have creative input into the contents of a magazine. This is a creativity I will long continue and am growing.

Since professional experience started by portfolio has doubled in size, in this sense I feel my creativity has grown, I have been running multiple projects alongside, which is something I have struggled with in the past.

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