professional experience reflection video…

One of the main assessments of the professional Experience module is to produce a reflective video, either video or audio. This is my chance to represent what I have learnt and been through, so I wanted to blog the requirements as a constant reminder to myself.

As part of your reflective portfolio, produce a presentation (either audio or audio visual) reflecting on your completed professional experience which:

  • identifies the professional skills that you went into the experience with
  • reflects on your professional experience and what you have learnt from the experience
  • considers the quality of the product/work your professional experience produced

The aim of your presentation is to provide a sense of what you have done and how you have done it but, more importantly, to demonstrate that you have reflected upon how the experience you have had has benefited you professionally. It is not a diary of your activities (although this will be added as a supporting material) but is really about reflecting upon what you have learned..

So, your presentation should include:

1. The rationale behind your professional experience.

Did you choose to work on a self-managed project or have you gone for a more traditional placement? What informed your choice? This might make reference to your own industry context as well as practical considerations.

2. The professional experience journey. Practicalities – think when, why, how, who, what etc. What prior knowledge in terms of skills and contacts informed your chosen path? How has your armoury of practical attributes been enhanced – or not – by your experience.

3. The professional experience journey. Life goals – how has your experience informed your overall career plan. Critically, think about whether your intentions at the outset have been met by your experience; how might your plans change in light of what you have experienced?

4. Next steps. How do you use this experience to benefit you in the future? For instance, have you identified any skills gaps which need filling before you hit the job market? If so, how are you going to fill them?

5. Conclusion. The good, the bad and the ugly. What went well and why? If it all went pair-shaped – and let’s be honest, sometimes things don’t go according to plan – what can you take from that for the future? Be honest in weighing up your role in the success of the experience.

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