Day 20: #photography planning

3-hours planning magazine
6-hours contacting photographers for the content

The time has come to plan issue 1, our release date is not far off so the magazine needs to be made as soon as possible.

As I mentioned before Genea’s mum works in publishing and has done for most of her life. So we sat down with her on skype and she helped us put our ideas together and work out how many pages we would have. Mine and Genea Guess was 60 and after going through everything step by step we worked out we need 64 pages.

dps=double page spread

1 – inside front cover
1  – editors bio
1 – contents page (?)
2 – (dps) mobile photographer feature
2 – (dps) pinhole photographer feature
2 – article square framing
2 – article digital v film
2 – interviews (film / digital)
40 – selected photographers
3 – competition
2 – (dps) famous pinhole
3 – exhibition opening review
2 – editors choice / photo of the issue
1 – inside back cover – issue 2 advert

However we will be offering to print the magazine on demand, for example some of the photographer have contacted us and said they would like a hard copy of the mag. The Bind we like is perfect bound, it adds a sense of expense/importance and makes the magazine appear less like a magazine and more like a book. For this bind we need at least 68 pages so as we are going through and making the magazine there will have to be 4 pages added.

As far as content goes me and Genea divided the 60(ish) photographers we want in our magazine and spent a day emailing them. I found this quite hard to follow up and remember to contact everyone, so I made a spreadsheet which allows me to keep track of who i’ve contacted and peoples replies.

It’s hard managing everything whilst me and Genea are separated, we both return to coventry on the 14th of may and in this time we will work 4 solid days to get the magazine rolling, and sort out the design.

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