Professional Experience Reflection Video

I am still a little confused as to what I am meant to say in my video that I haven’t said on my blog. So I thought I would do some research into videos students have made in a past.

George Ripon –

Kelvin Fred-Horsfall –

Natasha –

Unknown –

It’s easy to see that the best video is George Ripons, mainly because of the way it is presented, there is no background noise and he has situated himself in a professional setting. But the content also makes the video informative and it is easy to relate to his experiences because of the use of video and photography.

I want my video to become a discussion with myself, breaking it no into days but areas, what did i learn? did anything go wrong? how did i work in situations? I think this is how I will structure my video. Write a list of questions I feel will help the person marking my work relate to what I did.

As a photographer I am constantly asked to describe images as though I am talking to a blind person. Find the quickest and most effective way to describe your experience of the image and it’s context. I want to turn this around to my work experience and take this approach in my video.

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