Our idea

In this module we have divided up the responsibilities. As the photographer I took it upon myself to be in charge of the images, I have already posted the images that I took here now what i need to think about is presentation.

As a group we have come up with 3 main components to our final piece, the video, the photos and the props. This is how we imagine the final piece.

The reason for the boards is to emerse the viewer into the situation. The video will be quite intrusive and powerful.

The main way we will put our message across is through colours. All the images of the positive side will colourful, following the red white and blue theme and the reality will be more grey and mundane.

There will be a lot going on throughout the walls. So I want to make the images we took onto mounting board so they stand out. Often if people are overpowered with images they won’t know where to look but hopefully this will guide people around the piece.

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