Beauty and the Beast

I recently found this photography competition which has really interested me.

Mainly because category 1 requires using ilford film and self printing in the dark room. This is my week point, and something I need to further tackle in 3rd year, whilst I still have free access to the dark room. The theme is beauty and the beast.

Judges will be looking for thought provoking images that show the diversity and contrasts that surround us each day, and that are original, imaginative, contemporary and powerful.

The closing date is in january 2013 so i have a while to research and produce an image I am happy with. I really want to take this seriously as a project. Let’s get researching…

I want to focus on the contrasts that surround us, as a photographer I find it hard to get the balance of 2 worlds right, I appreciate  dark and gothic work and imaging, but I also love right colours and “pretty” lighting. Finding this balance is something I’ve always struggled with, so this Beauty and the Beast project will help me achieve the right amount of each.

In photography the word beautiful is thrown around a lot. It is the general assumption that a beautiful image is crisp, well lit and balanced in composition. Whilst this is beautiful, the real beauty comes from the content. Running #photography magazine has made me realise how many photographers depend on their technical knowledge rather then their view on the world. We get sent so many images of pretty girls doing strange things, you see the image and think thats pretty, the hazy lights and the dead-pan woman evoke a dream-like atmosphere. But once you see these images over and over they become the same, boring and repetitive.

Looking at these “beautiful” images is like being hypnotised, you become obsessed with the ideal. For a while now I’ve wanted to explore wether beauty lies within light, the subject or the person viewing the images.

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