Summer Research Task

350MCWorking with Photography in Context

Key aspects of undergraduate study are: sustained thematic engagement and informed reflection. The direction of your third year major research project, should broaden your contextual knowledge, and deepen yourunderstanding of a particular and focused subject area.

In preparation for this, preliminary research conducted over the Summer will form the foundations of a proposal outlining the key elements, including potential timelines, existing research and how your ideas will contribute to your understanding of your proposed subject matter.

TASK: Preparation for research
You should be reading, taking notes, seeing appropriate exhibitions, interviewing people and doing some of the background work required for yourresearch project.
Familiarises yourself with the principals of research by locating the following resources which relate to your potential area of research:

1 Journal

1 Visit/review an Exhibition

1 Read/review an Exhibition catalogue

1 Read/review Online article

1 Read/review Book

1 Documentary (DVD or YouTube)

5 Images from different photographers/ artists

You should document your research on your blog.

During the first session you will be asked to explain what you intend to research, so think of an answer to the following question.

This is my summer task, first things first, deciding on my subject area, I have been considering this for a while but am still unsure on where to start. I will be studying my chosen area for a year and it will probably influence my work for a long time.

In my mind the best thing to start with is a brain storm of basic ideas…

From looking at my brainstorm after a break I’ve realised I need to stay away from a platform used for photography (i.e. the interent) or a specific subject area (i.e. Futurism) because these are all elements I could focus on within my research. For example if i discussed self portraiture, which is an area I’m interested in I could then talk about how the rising of the interent has changed perceptions of self portraits, then move on to discuss other areas within this.

I am still not 100% on my idea, but I know now to start with a broader subject area and use this summer task to narrow it down.

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