My main influences

Pierre et Gilles

main themes: pop culture, religion, modern deities, beauty, fine art

David LaChapelle

main themes: religion, human body, sex, celebrity

Umberto Boccioni

main themes: violence, technology, movement

Looking at my influences and then looking at my own work I have realised that I have quite a painterly approach to my work. I literally see photography as painting with light, using the light like a paintbrush. Whilst I pre-visualise my images like any other photographer, I always start with darkness, and then slowly built in light, for that reason I use a lot of strong ligt contrasting with darkness in my images. The only work where I haven’t done this is my Cosplay images, but even when asked to shoot at LAC I requested the use of a black, dark grey background, but they insisted I used white.

It’s also interesting to note the use of pop culture in Pierre et Gilles & Lachapelle’s work, although Western pop culture doesn’t interest me, Japanese pop culture does and not in the way you might assume, it’s not physical people but fictional characters, hello kitty, Naruto & Hatsune Miku arent real, yet they are each with millions and dominate Japanese pop culture. Japanese modern society is the only one which is dominated by femininity and women and in a world full of pressure and expectations “Kawaii Culture” alows people to escape into their childhood, I am currently reading a book “Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential” which discusses how teenage girls dominate popular culture and how they did it. This could be a root to go down as it is where I want my photography to spread into after Uni, but might have to be avoided due to not being able to go to Japan for research.

It seems that the subject area I am drawn to is pop culture, J-Culture in particular, and the technique I use is quite artistic and constructed, as meticulously planned as a painting.

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