Talking myself into my idea

I was just having a “discussion” with my mum about my research project, and what i learnt from my last few blog posts, looking at the work that influences me and my own work. I use the term “discussion” loosely, as i have done something I always do. I ask for help but talk myself into my answer.

I thought the reoccurring theme in my work was childhood, but as I began to explain this to my mum I realised it’s not the idea of being a child again. It’s a case of escaping, being someone you aren’t in real life. That’s why I love La Chapelle and Pierre et Gilles work, even though their subjects are celebrities, they are like all humans still wanting more, so they become Gods. The series “Mamika” I read allows someone who is feeling useless to become a super hero, escaping into the photo. The two biggest influences in my life, J.M. Barrie and J-Culture both boil down to escaping, the Japanese have such a over the top pop culture so they can escape from the pressures of modern life via wearing hello kitty, or watching cartoons regardless of their age, and the book Peter Pan allows me to escape to a place in my life where I had no responsibilities. This is the route I will go down,

Escaping into Photography

The way forward now is to identify exhibitions, books, articles and individuals who can enhance my understanding of why I and other feel the need to escape into someone or somewhere else.

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