Photography for your ears

It’s about the time where our group need to start planning our subject area for the Phonar module. For a couple of weeks we have been in discussions with each other about where to go. We know we have to chose an area within Narrative and how we as the photographer involve them in our images.

Josie Sutton, Genea Bailey & Myself

Genea came up with the idea of Photography and the senses, we all discussed this and decided it would be perfect for this module. We can use the idea of being on a non-visual platform to relate to visually impaired photographers and discuss if visual elements are important in narrative. It will teach us how to describe images and turn a visual medium into more. This is as far as our idea has been developed, so the next few months will consist of research into this subject area, photographers and books. Then our idea will be fully developed and ready to be set into practice.

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