For a while i’ve been wanting to do a series on my own characters. 2 years ago i did a portrait project based on peter pan, I enjoyed making it so much and since then have had this idea in my head. I want to produce some fantasy images of my own, with characters I have made stories for and designed.

There are 2 ways I want to photograph the characters. firstly standing in the studio, placing a super hero in a studio, no poses, I want to see how this will turn out. Also I want to do a fully context shot, use the features of a comic/manga to produce a frame from a the characters comic book.

The first character I thought about was Bird. An androgynous character whos look is a cross between shiro form deadman wonderland and Casshern.

The name Bird is taken from Peter Pan, Bird is my interpretation of the never bird.


I haven’t developed much of a story for bird yet, but this will be a long time running project so i don’t need to rush that aspect. As for now, this is what I have…

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