rewording my project

I feel like the term “escaping reality” implies something I don’t want it to. It’s hard to write down the idea in my head, but I’ve said escape reality so many times it’s starting to blur my original ideas. I think I should re word my statement. I don’t want to escape reality when I look at a photography, my life isn’t bad, I don’t need an alternate reality to satisfy myself. It’s more like enhancing reality, man kind never being contempt with their lives and even if they enjoy their lives and are happy we can use photography to become someone we always wanted to be.

This brings me back to one of my first ideas, self-representation in photography, either of the photographer or the subject. The way a person chooses to represent themselves on camera is often completely different to how they are in real life. At the moment my brain is going crazy with thoughts. Even when I was looking at escaping reality I was never naturally wanting to look at landscapes and generic images of people in places, which is strange to think about but maybe I wasn’t drawn to escaping reality, but how the person in the photo is represented and how that allows them to become someone else, the ability of photography to transform someone.

A quick not of more appropriate phrases to use than Escape Reality:

Photography: A Constructed World
Photography: Constructed Reality
Photography: Alternate Reality
Photography: Constructed Alternative Reality

This idea is really specific to one area, I know it wouldn’t relate to documentary. But the area i’m interested in is fine art photography, photographers who don’t document what is happening, but document their own world through photographs. Like David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles. This attraction to an alternative reality could say a lot about my interests in anime and cosplay both are surrounded by heroes villains and mystical worlds, and about my work, the nightmare series and digital rest both show made up scenarios, nightmares and bringing 2 people in a long distance relationship together physically in one image. So in a way I do use photography to create a different reality, but it doesn’t mean I want to escape this one. The next few days I will focus on finding those perfect words that sum up what I am trying to say.

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