Focussing my idea. Again.

It’s come to that time again where my work needs to condensed down. At the moment I’m exploring a photograph as an alternate reality, specifically looking at art photography. However I need to choose a question which is clear to me, and lets me explore only the relevant work for the next year.

I am really stuck on this area at the moment, and whilst I would love to explore the photograph as a constructed reality I don’t feel like there is enough research on it or enough photographers who purposely aim to create an alternate reality to do my final year project on it. If i have taken over a month studying this subject and still don’t 100% understand what I mean how will I be able to gather enough evidence to do my symposium on it? It’s more of an area I should discuss within my work rather than focus my whole research project on it. So I will not just discard it but explore it as a sub section within my research.

This may seem out of the blue, but I have been thinking about my future and what I want to do. Looking back at the first post I did (see post here) about my influences and there common features I spoke a lot about popular culture, and this is an area I want to work in after university. So I am redirecting my research area to Popular Culture and photography. Wether I look at popular culture in photography or photography as popular culture is my next decision. Or maybe both.

My brain now feels more focussed and assured that this can be an interesting subject area that will help me in my future career.


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