Using light to bring comfort

For this Journey to school project I want to use lighting to bring comfort. The language of lighting is something I really want to push in 3rd year. I don’t want a generic warm bright image though, as that’s not my way of shooting. In my Digital Rest series there I tried to show how technology can bring us comfort, one way I think I successfully did this was through the composition and the lighting.

The light source is focussed in a specific area, almost like an place of warmth in the darkness. The light from the mobile phone is cold and blue but still offers comfort. As 2 individual photos it would convey loneliness, but as a whole it becomes comforting. This is relevant to this piece as it is about 2 people in a long distance relationship being comforted. So my next task for the Journey to school project is to figure out which lighting is most appropriate to this project.

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