What is Pop Culture?

According to the oxford english dictionary pop culture is…

commercial culture based on popular taste:fashion, music, and the iconography of pop culture offered the perfect medium for profit

The top answer on Yahoo! is…

The term “pop” is short for popular, same as pop music.
Relative tv shows of their time are generally issues for pop culture, as are books of the day on the must read list, movies and music, sometimes even fashions that form a generation becomes main points of pop culture for that time period. (eg: big hair and shoulder pads were fashion pop culture of the 80’s while bell bottoms, flower power, peace signs and straight hair were in the late 60’s and 70’s…)
Pop culture is something that has more of an impact than a trend, and can define a time period.

Google defines pop culture as…

Commercial culture based on popular taste.

It’s pretty clear that Pop Culture can be defined by one thing, money. Whatever product, person, or fashion makes money becomes a Popular Culture.

An Image search on Twitter quickly revealed what todays popular cultures are…

The interesting thing to note is the symbol under all 3 images. Instagram. Perhaps the biggest player in modern pop culture. This again leads me to the question am I going to look at pop culture in photography or photography as a pop culture?

One thing I do know is pop culture is fast moving and always changing, one minute the world was obsessed with “mummy porn” fan-fiction book 50 shades of grey, and now they are obsessed with Korean popstar PSY who sings ‘Gangnam style’ (you only have to type the letter ‘G’ into youtube to find it)


One thought on “What is Pop Culture?

  1. I think pop culture is our endless fascination about how the world is changing and how we respond to it. Thus, it’s always changing, but constantly refers back to old things adding a modern touch and blending it with the new and hot stuff = new pop cultural sensations is created, such as Gangdam style-hype. 🙂

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