Ten japanese photobooks – Online Journal – Visual Culture

This article particularly interested me because, I keep on reading about the “Post-bubble” economic crash. And these photobooks are from this time frame, the 1990’s which seems to be the era most of the work I’ve been looking at has come from. This era is meant to be the time consumerism evolved in Japan and things like kawaii culture and the schoolgirl became predominant in Japanese pop culture.


As part of the exhibition 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, on show from the 28th to the 30th of September in New York, I have been invited to select ten Japanese photobooks which will be featured in an online space in the run-up to the exhibition. This list was selected in relation to my PhD research on Japanese photography of the 1990s. The so called post-bubble era witnessed the emergence of a number of iconoclastic female photographers whose work has had a major cultural impact in Japan at the time.

The theme throughout this works at this exhibition seem to be the human body and depicting the nude. Something which is a key part of Culture now in Japan, but in the 90’s was shocking. Perhaps this sudden openness to sex is whats led to the sexualisation of cartoon characters in anime and has brought Japans culture to where is now.


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