Making a Daisy

I want to practice making a Daisy before I start shooting, just so I know I can actually do it. I found these instructions online which seems to have good reviews.

– 30 mins later I have a Daisy…

It’s not the best flower in the world, but it could be quite interesting to see how such a scruffy object looks under proper lighting.

In terms of the images, I know I want the paper on a black background, contextless almost like an object in a museum box. I also know I want to camer fixed in the same position and the paper to be roughly in the same position, because then we can observe the shifts in shape and size more effectively. In my head I imagine the frame to be square, it represents the square piece of paper used at the start but it also looks compositionally better when photographing simple, plain geometric objects to use a square. I also want to use a macro lens so that I can pick up the texture of the paper and all it’s creases, I feel this would be more aesthetically pleasing, because the images will minimalist so this will add the extra depth they need without distracting from the meaning.

Time to start shooting…

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