Shoot Idea

I mentioned in my last few phonar blog posts that I want to look at flowers, I spoke about the importance of flowers in my life. However I didn’t want to just take photos of flowers, so I want to take my influence from flowers as a child walking to school and being named after a flower and turn it into a visual metaphore.

In the last few weeks I have been reluctant to start uni again, because it’s my last year and since I can remember I have been in education. So I wanted to take the opportunity to do a project on my school years, and not just my journey walking to school, but my journey up until the point I am at now. They obvious flower to choose to represent myself is a Daisy, when I thought about how my journey at school had changed me and made me more confident I came up with the idea of doing a short stop motion video, showing the blossom of a Daisy and using my journey up to this point in my school life as the meaning behind the video. However I am reluctant to do something I have seen 100 times before, the idea is different but the execution needs work.

So I started thinking of other ways I could show the act of a flower blossoming. Then it hit me. Origami. It’s the perfect representation, starting with a plain piece of paper and showing the folds and bends in the paper that result in a flower. An ideal visual metaphor of my journey.

Now I just have to learn how to do origami.

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