Brian Walker

“I like the visual language of my images to appear hyper real, as if they could exist but a second take reveals something amiss or askew. The perfection of a single detail or the impossibility between elements is what I continue to find fascinating.” Walker is influenced by photographer David Lachapelle, “I’m interested in his ability to iconograph a scene from popular culture and to make it look so real that it is contrived. I would say our processes are similar, I use a lot of concept sketching as my works are highly manipulated.”

Brian Walkers work is everything I am trying to encapsulate within this research project, the reference to popular culture, and using it’s aesthetics within photography. The fact that he ays his main influence is David LaChapelle re confirms my mind that I am on the right track. i still feel that my project idea doesn’t quite sum up what I’m trying to say. I think my next post will be bringing together all the photographers work I have found and looking at what key things relate them, although I’m sure this will lead me back to popular culture I will still be able to gather my thoughts.

Plastic Fantastic


Precious Fleshous

REDRUM, 2007

Current Work

Hari_Kitty , 2011

Walkers work has an obvious underlying tone regarding pop culture, like David LaChappelles work, and Photographer Hal. All the photographers I am interested in, however there work makes a comment on pop culture it doesn’t present it as a positive or negative thing, it puts the audience in a position where they cant reflect on consumerism and popular culture.

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