Narrowing down my idea

From my basic research I have discovered that there are too many aspects of Japanese pop culture to explore it as a whole. So I want to focus on one specific area.


Sexualisation of children.
Plastic culture.
Colour & visual aesthetics – attention to detail
Consumerism and photography – mass culture – photography for the massess
Narrative from Anime and Manga – New world – Escaping reality

Looking through the list the one thats sticks out to me most regarding Japanese pop culture is consumerism, I can link this to the narrative aspect from manga and anime, also plastic culture, using photographers like Photographer Hal’s work to explore packaging and the idea of creating a product.

So my idea condensed down now will be
Hyper Consumerism : Japan & Photography

The subsections of consumerism in Japan are:
Technology, J-Art (japanese pop art, turning art into consumer products), Manga influenced narrative, Visual Aesthetics, Sex, packaging – plastic culture…

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