Making Decisions

I keep on changing my mind about this project, first it was about escapism and then pop culutre, then I focussed on japanese pop culture and now all cultures. I think for the sake of my mind I need to decided on a statement I will go with.

I originally went off the idea of just focusing on Japan because I felt I didn’t know enough on it and I didn’t want to only look at Japanese photographers. However he past few days looking at photographers like Leslie HoltMarkus Klinko and Indrani and Soasig Chamaillard has shown me that just focusing on J-Culture doesn’t mean I have to only look at Japanese practitioners. It is a great area to focus on because it is the most intense and saturated example of pop culture there is. In the west pop culture is a choice, it isn’t forced upon us, we can choose to avoid it by not listening to certain radio stations, and avoiding shops but Japanese popular culture is so unavoidable, powerful and over the top it is the perfect case study. It also helps that it is a culture I myself am interested in and one that will influence my life and work forever.

I then started to think about what aspect of Japanese Pop culture I wanted to look at, as reading “Tokyo Clash” taught me that a good research project looks at a few areas in great analysis and depth rather than the whole thing vaguely. One which jumped out at me was escapism. This was my original research project theme, but as a whole rather than within one culture. It relates to everything I have looked at, including the essay I did last year on “The Representation of Religion in the work of David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles” which briefly touched on modern icons as religious characters. After watching Jonathan Wross’s research programme on Japan “Japanorama” I am 100% that there will be enough research to back up this idea. So my first draft  project title is

Escapism: Japanese Pop Culture and Photography

My next step is to carry on my research into artists, essays and books and tomorrow I will post a visual breakdown of the title, with specific artists and photographers.

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