Overview of my research projects so far..

Escapism: Japanese Pop Culture and Photography

Context. Why does escapism hold such a big role in Japanese Pop Culture?

– Recent natural disasters
– Development of technology is overpowering, need to escape reality
– Pressure by society and overwhelming expectations of families

How does J-Culture relate to escapism?

-Otaku – acceptable for fully grown men to be obsessed with cartoons. All considered “Geeks” because they work within technology.
-Anime & Manga – acceptable for all ages
-Kawaii – love of all things cute, just as acceptable for the mothers as it is for the children to be obsessed with pink and hello kitty.

Relation to photography?

-Photos are a form of escapism, many people use them to reflect on culture, or create a completely new reality.
-Japanese culture is slowing creeping into western civilisation and is strongly influencing photographers techniques and work. HK, anime, my little pony etc…

Relating photographers….

Markus Klinko and Indrani

Soasig Chamaillard

JeongMee Yoon


Keitai Girl

Teppei Kaneuji

Hatakeyama Naoya

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