This term has been used a lot in Phonar and is the basis of our final project. I have already discussed that the community I want to engage with is Anime and Manga convention goers, including cosplayers. But before I start anything I want to come to terms with the phrase Trans-media.

Google definition:

Storytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user’s understanding of the story universe, including where user actions affect the experience of content across multiple platforms.

 Participants at BAVC’s Producers Institute NYC 2011 discuss… What is Transmedia?

What is Transmedia? from aliengirl on Vimeo.

So Trans-media is basically utilising all of the available and appropriate platforms you can. Having video promo’s of your work, then having the prints, and the online copies. It’s also about the community and connecting with other people who influence your project, as well as using something that already exists by taking influence from it either directly or not.

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