Unphotographable examples

Before I choose my Unphotographable project I want to look at some examples of other peoples interpretations, just out of pure interest.

Phonar: Creative Workshop 3: Unphotographable Phiction (sic) Task from Dean O’Brien on Vimeo.

unphotographable Phiction from Craig L on Vimeo.

Golf Tee Crack Racoon from George Rippon on Vimeo.

All 3 of these videos are from last years #Phonar students, they al interpreted the task completely uniquely. Personally I think the Craig’s one (the 2nd) works the best. I feel with images, soundscape and narration it becomes too much. It would be interesting to do 3 videos adding the layers. Maybe one with just the sound, one with the sound and narration and a final one with sound, narration and images.

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