Phonar Creative Workshop 4 : “Spoken narrative”

This weeks task will really test myself as a story telling. I tend to be awful at telling stories which is why I rely on photography, I’m better at using my work to express a feeling or story rather then publicly talk about it.

In this task we have to “Record a personal story to share with the group.” no more than 2/3 minutes and it has to “consider your choice of story/subject, your audience and your verbal delivery – in terms of your script, language, pace and intonation. No accompanying soundscape. No pictures. Just a story.”

The second part will be particularly challenging for me, but I’m looking forward to challenging myself and focusing my speaking skills.

In preparation for this we are listening to a previous talk held by Lisa Potts about her experience in 1996 in a Wolverhampton school.

It’s a gripping story about the event, and is interesting to hear about it from her mouth rather than from the newspapers. With traumatic events in particular it’s strange what people remember. For example Lisa Potts talks about her worrying about the paramedic cutting up her cardigan.

Time to get thinking about a personal story that I can guide towards a specific audience.

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